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Take your data visualization skills to the next level with our flagship course, The 6-Step Dashboard System. Learn how to design effective, interactive dashboards that tell a compelling story with your data. This comprehensive course covers everything from data preparation to dashboard deployment.

• Master the 6-step dashboard design process

• Learn how to create interactive and engaging dashboards

• Gain hands-on experience with leading BI tools

• Receive lifetime access to course materials

• Join a community of like-minded students for support and collaboration

Example Dashboard

Transform Your Data into Dynamic Dashboards

Learn how to create engaging, interactive dashboards that help stakeholders make data-driven decisions.

Example Dashboard

Take Your Data Visualization Skills to the Next Level

Enhance your data literacy and storytelling abilities by learning how to design and build powerful dashboards.

Example Dashboard

Empower Your Career with Data-Driven Insights

Improve your professional growth by acquiring the skills to build effective dashboards that drive business outcomes and success.

Picture of the Instructor

Hi, I’m Mazen

an experienced Business Intelligence professional with a proven track record in leading data and analytics strategies. My expertise includes data visualization, analytics, and program management. I have a strong background in open data, dashboard design, and data storytelling, and have successfully developed BI solutions to support business operations and visualize data across various organizations. With my skills and experience, I'm excited to offer courses in data visualization and analytics to help others enhance their data literacy and storytelling abilities. Join me and take your skills to the next level